I am Abduvali from Uzbekistan. Currently developing our cloud infrastructure(mostly😉). My hobby is tinkering with hardware, learning about open source technologies, especially about Linux. I am also very interested in knowing people around me therefore, I may come and ask you about your work style, interests, family, ... well, you got the idea!
My career in software engineering starts from University where I have created an android program to track bus schedules and buses of my University. After graduation I have joined a software engineering company as a backend developer where we have developed in PHP and Python. We have made stock control systems, web crawling/scraping software. After that i joined a media company where we automate the work process of Video editing and made commerce websites where I could practice full stack development. We developed those projects mostly in Python and JavaScript.
Alesca team members have a very high understanding when it comes to supportive teamwork. Moreover, Alesca is a great place for people who want to try new things, or learn about full stack development, hardware development, mobile development, dev-ops.
I believe Alesca would be great place for you to join if you are interested in trying new things, practicing full stack development, dev-ops, AI/Machine Learning or learning about innovative vertical farming.