Hi, I'm Hanh, have just started my position as DevOps Engineer at Alesca Japan. I enjoy making things, either building software or DIY-ing stuffs and cooking as well! I want to challenge with designing and improving architecture, infrastructure and scaling applications in the next few years.
My major at university was in the field of social sciences. While working at my first company, I started programming out of curiosity. I got hooked in the process of turning my ideas into a working application. This new interest was what drove me into building a career in software engineering. After working at a software company for 2 years and doing internship at Alesca Japan for almost 1 year, I officially joined.
Alesca Japan is an open environment where I can experience new technologies, different cultures and interact with interesting people. I am very excited about the opportunities to work with talented members globally.
Having worked at big and medium-sized companies where I was told what to do, the environment that Alesca Japan offers is very refreshing. I feel the freedom to think and move. It requires a different mindset that is both challenging and exciting at the same time. If you enjoy such environment, come join us!