Hi! This is Fatima. Currently a software engineer at Alesca Japan, I love learning about new technologies, build awesome software or even deep-dive into a research paper. In my free time, I love doing yoga's vinyasa, pranayama and meditation. I also enjoy photography while traveling.
In 2017, I graduated in Computer science from an Engineering school in Bordeaux, France. After that, I had the chance to come to Japan to work as a Software engineer at Forum8 Miyazaki. I've worked on a variety of projects including 3D Simulation Software, Web Development and Machine Learning. After five wonderful years in Miyazaki, I moved to Tokyo to join Alesca Japan as a DevOps/ML engineer.
Meeting Alesca's members made me realize what a friendly environment the company offers. In short, I decided to join Alesca because I saw its promising future. The company builds innovative solutions to answer the food crisis which one of the most crucial social problems, doing so in a healthy positive environment that promotes effective communication.
For you people out there who want to make a positive change in the world, join us if you want to take part in the Agri-tech revolution, have interest in solving social issues or if you're simply looking for a healthy working environment.